Our Groups

1st Strathmore Scout Group includes boys and girls in four packs, arranged by age: Joeys (5-7 years old), Cubs (7-11 years old) and Scouts (11 - 15 years old). Venturers (15-18 years old) join a regional group. Contact our Group Leader to find out more about how your child could enjoy the Scouting Movement.


JOEYS - Boys & girls 5-7 YeARS OLD


Joeys H.O.P = Help Other People! For just one hour per week on Thursdays, the Joeys come together to learn and play with a variety of themes including being kind, making friends, caring for the environment and getting outdoors! 


CUBS - Boys & girls 7-11 years old

THURSDAYS 7 - 8:30pm

Cubs are inspired by The Jungle Book's main character Mowgli who is resilient and independent and learns skills to help him in the wilderness. Cubs experience adventures together, with regular excursions, sleepovers and camps. They're encouraged to contribute to their community and achieve personal goals. Games, friendships and energetic fun is what it is all about!


Scouts - BOYS & Girls 11-15 years old


Scouts take a leadership role in their patrols to design their experience and be self-reliant and great team members. They enjoy lots of the great outdoors, camping, hiking and contributing to the community. Contact our group leader to find out more about Scouts.